battle in the stars in this epic
casual cosmic shooter

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Welcome to StarQuest

Blast across the stars and collect ships and gear while shooting your way through enemy craft and menacing bosses. Download now on Android and iOS devices.

Unlock New and Unique Ships

Collect & Customize
Your Ships

Take to the stars with a wide range of ships to choose from, each with unique visuals and stats. Unlock new ships as you play, upgrade them as you level, and combine them with fearsome weapons to become the best pilot in the galaxy.

Default Spacecraft
Galaxy Spacecraft
Better Days Spacecraft
Preston Spacecraft
Etheral Spacecraft
Golden Gun Spacecraft
Golden Gun Spacecraft
Golden Gun Spacecraft
Guns, lots of guns

Upgrade Your Loadout

Upgrade your ride with a wide variety of weaponery to blast through those galactic foes. Collect weapons and upgrade them for even more firepower and perks!

Loadout Upgrade
Shop preview
Gear Up at the Shop

Loot Chests and
Daily Bundles

Short on supplies? Use your in-game currency to load up on chests and gear to amp up your gaming experience even further! Coming December 1st.


Begins December 1st, 2020

Winter is here

Celebrate the Holiday
Season... StarQuest Style

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than with a whole bunch of ENDLESS free loot?

Collect WinterQuest keys by logging in and completing other in game activities. Unlock rewards in the WinterQuest event modal, with better rewards the more you unlock.

Upon unlocking all 25 rewards, the event modal resets but tracks your completion so you can grab that loot again and again!

Be the one to get the most resets and there might just be a grand prize waiting for you! Happy Holidays!

Key box
Winterquest Chest
Winterquest Chest

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